Description: Explore the dangerous arena full of surprises in this action packed interactive game... Be alert and quick!!!...Game Instructions:This is an interactive action packed flash game that consists of "Point-n-Click" game play, you can interact and inspect objects in the game by clicking on them with your mouse. The Look Around button is probably the most important one. It"ll give you information about the room/area you are currently in. This is the first button you should click in a level. Static Objects are represented with a "?"(question mark) when you point to them with your mouse. The hero will describe and explain these objects. Dynamic Objects can be "interacted" with i.e picked up, or you can perform other actions. They are represented with an "!" (exclamation mark) when you point to them with your mouse. This is a very complicated interactive game so don"t rush forward in the game, try to look around and inspect different objects in the levels. Always be alert!