Description: Lead an army into battle and capture the enemy base. Use tactics and build troops faster than the enemy....Game Instructions:This is a challenging game where you have to take command of an army of goblins, orcs, archers etc. and lead them into the battle field. Protect your base from the invasion of the enemy troops and at the same time try your best to capture the enemy base to win the battle. There are many things you need to manage throughout the battle to win against the enemy. If you"re slightly negligent then the enemy will overpower you, so be watchful and use the best tactics. You will need to make decisions about building of troops, upgrading your base and which advanced weapon to use in a situation. It is highly recommended that you patiently go through the instructions in the game and play in the Easy mode to begin with. Then you can take up the challenge to defeat the enemy in the more difficult modes of play. Good Luck...